Safe2Pay Review: A good eftpos machine if you serve Chinese tourists in-store

Safe2Pay is a good eftpos solution for businesses that serve Chinese consumers. They are one of the only providers to accept UnionPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay in-store, and with reasonable fees. If you don’t serve foreign customers, there are better options.

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Our take on Safe2Pay Integrated Eftpos

Safe2Pay is a good eftpos solution for businesses that serve Chinese consumers. They are one of the only providers to accept UnionPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay in-store, and with reasonable fees. If you don’t serve foreign customers, there are better options.


  • Accepts eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, and UnionPay. And has multi-currency capability, so the customer sees the purchase in their home currency
  • The only eftpos solution to accept Alipay and Wechat Pay through the eftpos machine


  • Mobile eftpos solution requires customers to tap their card on the merchant’s device (e.g. a tradie’s personal smartphone), which customers might not be comfortable with
  • Online solution lacks many eCommerce platform integrations and does not accept UnionPay, Wechat Pay or Alipay
  • Cannot see in-store, mobile and online transactions on one dashboard
  • Does not offer dynamic surcharging

Our Overall Opinion of Safe2Pay

Safe2Pay is a good eftpos provider, particularly for businesses that have lots of Chinese visitors to their store. The Safe2Pay solution accepts plenty of card types — such as eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, and UnionPay — with dynamic currency conversion so the customer sees the purchase in their home currency. Plus they accept digital wallets like Wechat Pay and Alipay, which is great for customers from Asia.

Safe2Pay could have been one of the best eftpos solutions in market if they had nailed their multi-channel offering. Don’t get us wrong, they do offer solutions for merchants that want to sell across multiple channels (such as in-store, online, and on-the-go) and consolidate transactions on a unified dashboard. But their online and on-the-go solutions don’t quite hit the mark, so we wouldn’t recommend them for most businesses.

Finally, Safe2Pay’s eftpos fees are calculated on a merchant-by-merchant basis, but our estimates suggest that Safe2Pay offers reasonably competitive rates starting at about 1.10% per transaction. Just remember, you’ll need to speak to Safe2Pay for bespoke pricing that takes into account the unique characteristics of your business.

Solutions and Pricing

In-Store Eftpos

Safe2Pay offers a fairly standard in-store eftpos machine. They use the Ingenico Move 5000 device, which is the most common eftpos machine in Australia, and the same solution offered by the Commonwealth Bank and the National Australia Bank.

The Ingenico Move 5000 is wireless and has 3G fallback. This means that you can use the eftpos machine throughout the store and if your wifi cuts out, you can still take payments without disruption.

Safe2Pay also offers point-of-sale integration, which allows you to connect your point-of-sale software to your eftpos machine, and then initiate transactions through your point-of-sale without having to type-in numbers anywhere. This means faster transactions, shorter queues, and easier reconciliation at the end of the day.

Safe2Pay claims to integrate with 50+ point of sale solutions, although it only advertises 33 on its website. Notably, a few of the big players, such as Kounta and Idealpos, are missing; but integration is a great feature, so it’s worth checking whether your point-of-sale is included in the list.

Mobile Eftpos / PocketPOS

Mobile eftpos enables mobile businesses (e.g. food trucks, tradies, etc) to take payments wherever they provide a service. So instead of invoicing a customer and waiting 30 or 60 days for payments, they can receive their cash immediately.

Safe2Pay has taken a unique approach to mobile eftpos. Instead of pairing your smart device with a card reading tile or dongle, you download the Safe2Pay PocketPOS app and take card payments by either tapping the card on your phone (Android only), taking a photo of the card, or manually entering the card details.

Unlike the in-store eftpos machine, you can only take Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and UnionPay cards through Safe2Pay PocketPOS. This means no eftpos cards and no digital wallets (e.g. Wechat Pay or Alipay).

In some ways, this solution might be a little ahead of its time. The official security standards for ‘tap card on phone to take payment’ have only just been released and some consumers might not be comfortable with somebody using a smartphone to capture their credit card details. We recommending testing this payment method with your customers before you jump in headfirst.

Safe2Pay Pocket POS

Safe2Pay offers mobile eftpos via its PocketPOS app. Source: Safe2Pay

Online Payments

We were really hoping that Safe2Pay would have a strong online payments solution, which would make them the first provider to offer a unified in-store and online payments solution.

Unfortunately, Safe2Pay only offers a hosted payment page that is positioned for e-invoice payments and a small number of plugins to take payments on eCommerce plaforms, such as WooCommerce and Magento. On top of that, you cannot accept UnionPay, Wechat Pay or Alipay online, which is the main value proposition of the in-store eftpos solution.

There might be some businesses that use WooCommerce or Magento and don’t need a wide range of payment types. But ideally, we’d like to have seen a larger number of plugins (such as BigCommerce and Shopify), other integration methods (such as hosted fields or drop-in payments forms), and the same payment types accepted as the in-store solution (e.g. UnionPay, Wechat Pay and Alipay).

Safe2Pay Fees

Transaction Fees

Safe2Pay’s eftpos fees are calculated on a merchant-by-merchant basis but our estimates suggest that they offer reasonably competitive rates.

Transaction fees for both the mobile eftpos and online eftpos solutions start at about 1.10% per transaction. Small businesses will most likely be quoted a rate substantially higher than this. But to put it in context, competitors charge about 1.75% for online payments and 1.90% for mobile eftpos. Consider this your benchmark when you negotiate with Safe2Pay.

As a rule, in-store eftpos transaction fees are priced more competitively than mobile or online solutions. So we would expect in-store transaction fees to start around the 0.90-1.00% mark. However, you will also need to open up a Westpac merchant facility to use Safe2Pay and Westpac will charge 0.22% on top of Safe2Pay’s transaction fees. With this in mind, total fees per transaction should be similar to competitors like Tyro, who quote 1.10% for small businesses.

As always, you’ll need to speak to Safe2Pay for pricing that takes into account the unique characteristics of your business.

Other Fees

Safe2Pay also charges a $25 monthly fee for in-store eftpos if you transact less than $50,000 per month. However, they will waive the fee if you transact above that amount.

They do not charge any other fees, such as establishment or cancellation fees.


Point of Sale Integration

As we mentioned earlier, Safe2Pay includes 33 integrated point of sale partners on their website. They integrate with a number of popular solutions, including H&L, NCR and Revel. But there are also a number of big players missing, including Kounta, ImPOS and Idealpos.

There are a number of competing solutions with more point of sale integrations, including PC-EFTPOS (500+ integrations), Tyro (300+ integrations), and Westpac Presto Smart (130+ integrations). So if Safe2Pay does not integrate with your point-of-sale software, one of these alternatives probably will.

Safe2Pay also lacks some of the integrated functionality of PC-EFTPOS, Tyro, and Westpac Presto Smart. Whilst Safe2Pay has a basic integration that allows you to initiate a transaction through the point-of-sale, competitors include things like Pay@Table, Bar Tab mode, and more.

So if you’re looking for a point-of-sale integration with more than just basic payments, you’re better off trying somebody like Tyro.

Safe2Pay advertises 33 point-of-sale software integrations on their website. Source: Safe2Pay


Eftpos machines with direct currency conversion will automatically recognise and international card and present the purchase price in the customer’s home currency. This is a better experience for foreign customers and reduces the likelihood they’ll be surprised when they read their bank statement and initiate a chargeback.

Safe2Pay offers direct currency conversion as standard on their in-store eftpos solution.

Least Cost Routing

Most debit cards these days are dual-network cards, which have both the eftpos and another (e.g. Visa or Mastercard) logo on them. These cards can be processed through either network; if the customer presses CR then it will be processed by the Visa or Mastercard network, and if they press CHQ or SAV it will be processed by the cheaper eftpos network.

The problem is that tap & go transactions are automatically processed through the more expensive Visa or Mastercard network. Unless you have least cost routing. Least cost routing automatically processes transactions through the cheapest network, which can save merchants up to 10% on their merchant fees.

Unfortunately, Safe2Pay does not offer least cost routing.

Same-Day Settlement

Safe2Pay allows you to use a settlement account with any bank. However, if a customer uses a Westpac settlement account, then they receive their funds on the same day as they processed the transactions. Otherwise, settlement takes up to 2 days.

Dynamic Surcharging

The Reserve Bank recently updated surcharging regulations and limited credit card surcharging to the cost of card acceptance. As a result, merchant can no longer surcharge consumers any amount they want; they must calculate their exact transaction fee and only pass on that amount.

Some other providers, such as SmartPay and Tyro, will automatically calculate the transaction fee and apply the correct surcharge to each transaction. This effectively reduces a merchant’s transaction fees to zero.

Unfortunately, Safe2Pay does not offer dynamic surcharging.