Live Eftpos Review: Reasonable fees, earn Qantas points, accept Zip Money

Live Eftpos is a middle-of-the-road eftpos solution with average fees and standard features. The solution would be particularly suitable for merchants that want to accept Zip payments through their eftpos machine.

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Our take on Live Eftpos

Live Eftpos is a middle-of-the-road eftpos solution with average fees and standard features. The solution would be particularly suitable for merchants that want to accept Zip payments through their eftpos machine.


  • One of the few solutions that accepts Zip Money through the eftpos machine
  • Allows integration between the eftpos machine and point of sale
  • Reasonable terminal rental fees
  • Earn Qantas points by accepting cards through your Live Eftpos machine


  • There are cheaper options than Live Eftpos’s fixed 1.6% fee for credit card transactions
  • Integrated EFTPOS setup and configuration fee of $99
  • No least cost routing
  • Settlement takes up to 3 days
  • Billed as a mobile terminal but actually a full-size device that can take payments anywhere

Table of Contents

What is Live Eftpos?

Live Eftpos is a non-bank provider of EFTPOS machines that specialises in small businesses. They claim to have a tailored application process that takes into account the needs of small businesses, making it more likely that small businesses get approval for merchant facilities. They guarantee a response within 5 days.

They seem to be doing something right. Live EFTPOS currently has over 8,000 merchants in the market and has processed over $2bn in transactions. This makes them one of the larger EFTPOS providers in Australia.

Live Eftpos is a subsidiary of Live Group, which also offers solutions for Taxi Payments, business lending and insurance. However, under the hood, Westpac provides the merchant facilities that underpin the Live Eftpos solution.


Transaction Fees

Credit Cards

Live Eftpos offers a fixed rate of 1.60% for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diner’s Club credit transactions. It’s worth noting that Live Eftpos does accept Union Pay but these transactions are charged at a higher rate.

This is a reasonably competitive rate. Most banks can offer a fixed rate below 1.50% as part of their pricing plans, although Amercian Express and Diner’s Club transactions are often charged at a higher rate.

This means that Live Eftpos’s transaction fees are particularly suited to merchants that process a high number of American Express and Diner’s Club transactions.

For merchants in the charity, education, utilities, insurance, fuel, supermarket/groceries or transit industries, Live Eftpos can offer a preferential rate, although they do not specify exactly what that rate is.

Debit Cards

Live Eftpos charges a fixed fee of 35c for debit transactions. This is a highly competitive fee and is much more favourable than the Live Eftpos Black’s 2.00% fee for debit transactions.

Terminal Rental Fee

Live Eftpos also charges a monthly terminal rental fee of $26.

This is noticeably cheaper than the $34 they charge for the Live Eftpos Black solution, despite the terminals being exactly the same Verifone VX675 model.

Other Costs

Similar to the Live Eftpos Black solution, the standard Live Eftpos solution also charge a $99 fee to integrate the terminal and point of sale. If you choose not to integrate with the point of sale, there there are no installation fees.

Live Eftpos does not have lock in contracts and does not charge other monthly fees or exit fees.


Payment Types

Live Eftpos accepts a wide range of card types, including EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club and Union Pay. They also accept digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

They are also one of the few providers to accept Zip Money through the EFTPOS machine. They do not currently support Afterpay, Alipay, WeChat Pay or loyalty cards/gift cards.


Despite offering an ‘integrated’ and a ‘mobile’ solution, they are the same solution. Live Eftpos only offers one device, which is the Verifone VX675, which is mobile and can integrate with point of sale software.

It should be noted that despite being billed as a mobile solution, the VX675 is not at all like the Square Reader or PayPal Here. It is a full-sized EFTPOS machine with built in printer. However, it is 3G enabled and can take payments on-the-go.

The VX675 sizes up at x 7.8cm x 5.2cm and weights in at about 330g. There is no cradle or other way to connect it to a smart phone or tablet.

Verifone VX675

The Verifone VX675 is can take payments on-the-go but it’s not as mobile as the Square Reader or PayPal Here. Source: Verifone

POS Integration

POS integration allows transactions to be instantiated on the point of sale and then automatically sent to the eftpos machine, so there is no need to manually type in the transaction value on the eftpos machine.

The benefit of integrated EFTPOS is that transactions are faster, there is less chance of a keying error (e.g. typing $2 instead of $20), and totals should line up for easy reconciliation at the end of the day.

Live Eftpos uses PC-EFTPOS to integrate the eftpos machine with the point of sale. And, because PC-EFTPOS integrates with over 500 different point of sale applications, chances are that your software is compatible.

As outlined in the user guide, integrated eftpos allows the merchants to instantiate the following transactions from within the POS software:

  • Purchases
  • Purchases with cash out and cash out only (debit cards)
  • Refunds
  • Voids
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions (MOTO)
  • Pre-authorisation (approved merchants only)
  • Purchase with tips and manual tip addition

Unlike other providers, there are no additional transaction fees or monthly costs for integrated eftpos. However, there is a $99 setup and configuration fee.

Qantas Points

Live Eftpos allows merchants to earn Qantas points based on the total value transacted through the EFTPOS machine.

With Live Eftpos, merchants can earn 1 Qantas point per $25 transacted through the terminal. For most merchants, this will most likely only generate a few thousand points a month — but it all adds up!

Merchants that want to earn serious Qantas points through their terminal might want to look at Live Eftpos Black. However, as we discuss in that article, for most merchants the benefit of Qantas points is eroded by high transaction fees (2.335% per transaction).

Live Eftpos will cover the $89.50 Qantas Business Rewards sign up fee on both standard Live Eftpos and Live Eftpos Black, so merchant simply need to link their membership details to start collecting points.

EFTPOS Live Qantas Points

Earn incidental Qantas points through your EFTPOS Live terminal. Source: Live Eftpos

Transaction Dashboard

Live Eftpos also provides merchants with an online portal (MyWeb) for merchants to view their transaction history and statements, order paper rolls and other accessories, and claim rewards (e.g. Woolworths gift cards).

It’s quite useful to have a place to access statements and order accessories. But a transaction listing, especially if it isn’t real-time, is not too useful. Most merchants will be using a point of sale system that has a more up to date dashboard that also captures cash transactions. There’s no real use logging into MyWeb to see your transactions.


Live Eftpos deposits payments into a merchant’s bank account every business day but the funds don’t arrive for a few days.

In fact, payments before 5:45pm land in a merchant’s account 1-2 business days later, and payments after 5:45pm land in a merchant’s account 2-3 business days later.

Live Eftpos cheekily calls this same-day settlement. But let’s be clear: deposits are made every day but funds aren’t accessible the same day.


Multi-currency (also known as direct currency conversion) is the ability to show the cost of a purchase in a customer’s home currency on the eftpos machine.

The benefit of direct currency conversion for a merchant is that it reduces the likelihood that a customer disputes their transaction when they are surprised by the foreign exchange cost.

Live Eftpos offers direct currency conversion.

Least-Cost Routing

Debit transactions technically have the option of being processed through the Visa or Mastercard network, or the cheaper EFTPOS network. But for many providers, when a merchant taps their card on an EFTPOS machine, the transaction is automatically routed down the more expensive Visa or Mastercard network. The merchant has no choice.

However, Live Eftpos offers least-cost routing. This allows merchants to require debit transactions to be processed via the EFTPOS network, thereby reducing merchant fees. This can save merchants up to 8% in merchant fees.

Dedicated Bank Account

Live Eftpos generally does not require a merchant open up a dedicated bank account and allow merchants to settle their funds in the account of their choice.

However, Live Eftpos merchant facilities are actually provided by Westpac. And deep in the terms and conditions, it says there may be some circumstances in which the merchant is required to have a Westpac bank account:

In some circumstances (e.g. eCommerce Merchant Facilities) it will be necessary for Transactions to settle to a Westpac Bank account. You will be advised of this requirement at the time of application — Live Eftpos Merchant T&Cs