Eftpos Reviews

Square Terminal

Square Terminal Australia Review: Looks Good But Not Suitable For Most Businesses

The Square Terminal looks great but won’t suit many businesses. It can’t be used as a mobile eftpos machine and it’s not a compelling countertop eftpos solution. In most cases, we would recommend the Square Reader paired with the Square Stand instead.

Restaurant table with dishes

Best Eftpos for Cafes & Restaurants: Pay at table, split bills, tipping, bar tabs and more

Tyro integrated eftpos is the best eftpos for cafes and restaurants. They offer the best hospitality features, including pay@table, split bills, tipping and bar tab mode. Plus, it integrates with major hospitality point-of-sale solutions and caters well to foreign guests.

Retail store

Best Eftpos for Retail: Payments on the shop floor, digital wallets, and sell online

Tyro integrated eftpos is the best eftpos for retail businesses. They nail the in-store experience with mobile eftpos machines, point-of-sale integrations, and digital wallet acceptance. Plus they offer a solid eCommerce solution for merchants who sell online.

Square Reader Mobile Payment

Best Mobile Eftpos in 2020: A Round-Up of Prices, Features and Ratings

Mobile eftpos allows you to take payments whenever and wherever the customer chooses. But not all mobile eftpos is made equal. Our review of Australian mobile eftpos solutions helps ensure you make the right choice for your business.

Mint mPOS

Mint Payments mPOS Review: Cheap mobile payments solution but missing many features

Mint mPOS is a great mobile eftpos solution for merchants who are looking for low transaction fees. But without fast onboarding and digital wallet access to funds, it trails the Square Reader and PayPal Here on some features.

SmartPay EFTPOS Terminal

SmartPay Review: Innovative transaction fee structures, plus accept Alipay and Wechat Pay

SmartPay offers one of the only eftpos machines that enables merchants to accept Alipay and Wechat pay through the terminal. Curiously, they don’t accept some credit card types, such as UnionPay and Diner’s Club.

Credit card terminal

Safe2Pay Review: A good eftpos machine if you serve Chinese tourists in-store

Safe2Pay is a good eftpos solution for businesses that serve Chinese consumers. They are one of the only providers to accept UnionPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay in-store, and with reasonable fees. If you don’t serve foreign customers, there are better options.

Tyro Terminal

Tyro Eftpos Review: Best in Market, Nothing Comes Close on Fees or Features

Tyro offers merchants cheap transaction fees, a broad range of payment types, point of sale integration with almost every feature imaginable, and same-day settlement. Tyro gets our first and only five-star review.

Live Eftpos transaction

Live Eftpos Review: Reasonable fees, earn Qantas points, accept Zip Money

Live Eftpos is a middle-of-the-road eftpos solution with average fees and standard features. The solution would be particularly suitable for merchants that want to accept Zip payments through their eftpos machine.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here Australia Review: Good but a couple of major flaws

PayPal Here doesn’t really stack up. The mobile eftpos machine does not accept EFTPOS cards, there are high costs to move funds into your bank account, and it takes up to 5 days to access your funds.

Live EFTPOS Black Machines

Live Eftpos Black Review: Earn Qantas Points But Way Too Expensive

Live Eftpos Black enables merchants to earn Qantas points by taking payments through their EFTPOS machine. But this also comes with very high fees that make this product unsuitable for almost all merchants.

Card payment using Square reader

Square Reader Review: A Great Product For Small Business

The Square Reader is a great solution for those who want a complete payment and point-of-sale bundle that has a simple pricing structure, is quick to set up, looks great, and can be taken on-the-go.