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Small business redundancy

Do Small Businesses Need To Pay Redundancy? Not Usually

Redundancies are both heart-breaking and legally complex for small business owners. In this article, we outline your legal obligations for redundancy pay, so you can properly manage your business and support your employees.

single touch payroll

The 3 Best Single Touch Payroll Providers for Small Businesses

Single touch payroll is now compulsory for most businesses, so don’t get caught out. We break down the ATO’s single touch payroll requirements, see how different solutions stack up, and recommend the top 3 solutions for your small business.

The 5 Best Cash Drawers For Your Small Business in 2020

Cash drawers sit under your front counter and hold your valuable cash. Don’t get stuck with a cash drawer that lacks security features or breaks down in the middle of rush hour. Based on our research, we think that the VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer offers the best features, security, durability and price for most small businesses.

The Small Business Income Tax Offset: Are You Eligible? How Much Can You Save?

The Small Business Income Tax Offset can save your small business up to $1,000 per year. But not all businesses are eligible. Find out whether you can claim the offset for your business, how much you can save, and how to claim it.